Dog Training Classes Held In West Guildford
Puppy Pre-School

Our Puppy Pre-School helps educate both new owners and their puppies about normal canine behaviour. We allow puppies to socialise in a safe & controlled environment and our dog trainers help solve canine issues such as housetraining, biting, jumping and chewing on furniture.
Fairfield Rd Vet Hospital provide a structured 5 week course that covers all aspects of dog care including:
- Basic skills like adhering to commands such as come, sit, stay, down.
- How to conduct both free and lead walking.
- Dog nutrition, dentistry, grooming, house training and dog parasite control
Please note that all puppies are required to have had their first vaccination before attending. Our Vets can provide these.
We recommend that puppy pre-school is conducted while the puppy is between 4-18 weeks old as this is your dogs critical socialisation period.
Research has shown that puppies which are isolated during their early socialisation period are more likely to become hyperactive, aggressive, antisocial & fearful later in life. Our Puppy Pre-School helps your new best friend to develop into a normal, friendly & confident adult dog.